Scratch Masters Course 2023

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Wolfville School, 19 Acadia St., Wolfville, NS
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Creative Computing is a series of workshops for kids interested in computer science.

Scratch Masters is the next level course for graduates of the Creative Computing program. Within this course we continue to explore the world of the computer sciences. This course uses the popular Scratch programming environment to aid young people (grades 4 to 6) in learning the more advanced concepts of Scratch software development. Scratch is used over the world by students to easily create interactive artwork, interactive stories, and video games while acting as a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer science.

The course will also introduce students to other computer science physical computing platforms such as the Makey Makey, and BBC Micro:bit. Other topics could include website development, and retro video game development with Microsoft Makecode.

Course Objectives

First and foremost, we aim to provide opportunities for young learners to become exposed to the computer sciences.
Our goal is to provide a learning environment that goes beyond what students are taught in public schools about the
computer sciences. We will explore software as an interdisciplinary creative act.

Who Am I?

Mike Caplan

Mike has been active as a web application developer and designer since the late 90s, working in the non-profit, university, retail, agricultural, and health care industries. Mike is the Software Development Manager for the Labnet Dental Lab Systems division of Henry Schein - a solutions company for health care professionals. Mike has been teaching the Creative Computing program since 2017.

I believe that offering an extracurricular course on Scratch and beyond will help this generation develop a fundamental literacy around the computer sciences.



Scratch Masters will run weekly throughout the school year. Each class will run for 2 hours.

The class will follow a six unit curriculum. Units are broken down into several exercises that range from 15 to 60 minutes a piece.

Class Size

Class Size

The class will be capped at 6 learners. The grade of students sought will be between 4 and 6. The ideal student has completed Creative Computing, or has similar prior experience.

Class Location

The class will be hosted in Wolfville in my private makerspace.


None! Students will be provided a laptop as well as snack.


To register, drop an email to [email protected]

Hosted by Creative Computing. A series of workshops for kids 8 to 13 interested in computer science.