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f5://imagination is a pop up exhibit focused on digital creativity. This one day temporary exhibit features work from digital artists, makers, scratchers, computer scientists, engineers and pretendgineer, hardware hackers, lego robotics warriors, indy game developers, new media innovators, VR and AR pioneers… digital builders of all shapes, sizes, and credentials.


10 AM to 12:30 PM
Screening & discussion of Hidden Figures: The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program. Hosted by Dr. Randy Newman (Professor of Psychology, Acadia University. Women in Science and Engineering at Acadia University ). An area of Dr. Newman's work is in understanding factors responsible for the gender gap that persists in some areas of science, notably computer science and engineering. Limited Space: get your free ticket to secure your spot.
1 PM to 4:00 PM
f5://imagination reception. Artists will be in attendance, light refreshments served.

Submissions are being accepted until midnight December 13. To submit, fill out the below form (bottom of the page).


Payton M.
Stranded, 2017

Stranded is a scroller game where you find certain items to open boxes so you can proceed home.

Payton turned 11 Dec 16th. Payton swims with the Tritons and plays guitar, piano and is learning the drums. Payton also likes to go camping and travelling. Payton learned Scratch a bit in grade 4 and also participated in Creative Commuting Jan-Jun this year and attended Scratch Fest in June.

Bounzy Bullets, 2017

A simple but complicated extreme space invaders.

I've been interested in scratch for the past five years, and this is one of my many projects.

Blue Thunder, 2017

An interactive, flying game where you move in the opposite direction from the mouse and dodge bullets,spikes,saws, and balls of fire!

Sam is 11 and has been doing Scratch for 2 years. He likes to draw, play video games, and play with lego. Sam also attended the Scratch fest in June.

Super Mario Odyssey 2D, 2017

A 2D Super Mario Odyssey engine built in Scratch.

Paddle Ball, 2017

My game is about paddle ball.

I like to do basketball. I like to build games in scratch.

Protect The Earth, 2017

Protect the earth is about a ship that protects the earth like in a scroll game.

I'm a guy with 4 pets. I have a craving for lasagna.

Crash Landing, 2017

Aliens come up and run to you. If they touch you your life goes down.

I'm a guy with 4 pets. I have a craving for lasagna.

Galaxy #1, 2017

A digital boardgame that has instructions and you can shoot using one ship.

Jake is a digital art newb, a veteran conference speaker, and avid soccer player.

Tank War Sim v1.2, 2017

This game is a tank war sim. It is a 2 player game based on my earlier game, "lazer tag xtrme". This game was created using Scratch at scratch.mit.edu.

Random person who likes to play and make video games.

Super Soaker Side Scroller, 2017

It's a game about simulated water guns.

Hi. I'm Sam Jorgensen, an 11 year old game maker. A grade 6 student at Evangeline Middle School. I've been using the scratch programming language for 4 years now, and it's awesome. I love chocolate, cats, and of course, video games.

Brandon Dorey
Mega Man 3 Interactive Canvas, 2016

Mega Man 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. The music is so nostalgic, I wanted to be able to hear it whenever I wanted.

I make digital canvases that not only look beautiful, but are interactive as well.

Max Caplan
Pi Boy, 2017
3d Print, Raspberry PI, Assorted Materials

The Pi Boy is a handheld retro gaming console designed to look like a gameboy, and runs of a Raspberry Pi 2. It can play most games from the Atari to the Game Cube.

Max is a grade 11 Horton student, Hacker, Coder, and Artist (traditional and otherwise).

Your Project, 2017
Your Medium

Your project description.

Your bio. Submit today!

Fractal Art, 2017

This is procedurally generated fractal art, created in Unity, using a old-school demoscene trick known as a feedback effect. It is specifically accomplished using Render Textures and multiple cameras, along with aesthetic tweaking for visual effect.

Matthew Doucette, Game Producer at Xona Games, an award-winning Xbox and PlayStation indie games studio, known for #1 Japan shmup hits and winning $180,000 in awards.

Alec Cameron
3D, 2017
Blender and Maya

These are various pieces done in 3D softwares Blender and Maya. They represent my creative and technical abilities put into an art piece.

My name is Alec Cameron. I am 19 years old from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am a first student at NSCC Truro taking the Game Development course.

The Tunnel, 2017
Processing, Javascript

This is an randomly generated tunnel-looking processing project.

Solomon is very new to processing, although he has been involved in coding for near five years.

Whales, 2017

Feed & love the whales!

Clara is in grade 4. She is involved in Refresh Annapolis Valley's Girls' Code Club. She loves whales!!!

Holly Carr & Ian McKay & Jonah McKay
The Raven's Tale, 2016
Silk Painting, Woodwork, Arduino, Sound.Motion and LED

The Raven's Tale is part of a series of collaborations between Holly Carr and Ian McKay. Viewers are invited to interact with the piece and become part of the story.

Holly has gained national acclaim for her unique style of silk painting and public installations. Holly has exhibited her work throughout Canada and designed for theatre. In recent years Holly has branched out in to performance art, working with numerous musicians and performers including a cross Canada tour with Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Café, as well as performances with world renowned violinist Min Lee in Singapore, The National Art Center Orchestra in Ottawa, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra as well as her own production with Symphony Nova Scotia. Her recent work has included collaborations with local Maker, Ian McKay, which explore the power of digital interactivity and traditional art to tell a story.

The Forest Adventure, 2017

a choose your own adventure. your brother's toy is in the woods. and you must go find it.

i am too crazy. i just love cats. and i'm in love with otters.

The Run, 2017

It's about a run

I like scratch

On The Farm, 2017

A chose your own adventure about a farm

I love cats. I am crazy and nice.

MC Glitter Girl
A Day At The Park, 2017

A person having a bad day at the park!

I really like Scratch. It's my favorite coding program. I like the colour pink.

The Fork, 2017

Someone who has the choice to take a fork out of the road or keep walking.If you chose to keep walking you can go to a beach or a really big rock. I hope that you have fun making your choices.

My favourite animal is a pig. My favourite colour is pink. I have a pet fish named Larry.

On The Farm, 2017

A chose your own adventure about a farm

I love cats. I am crazy and nice.

Manal & Riemin
Playing Outside, 2017

This project is about having fun outside.

Manal and Riemin like living on a farm. Scratch is fun.

Waspy Day!, 2017

It is about a soccer ball and their are wasps everywhere. He needs to get out of there. Kill them and get out alive!

My favorite color is purple. I have a twin. My favorite animal is a chameleon.

Detective Games, 2017

This is a series of mystery games.

I am 14, I like books, video games, and cheese. I have two and a half annoying brothers. my favorite games are PvZ, DST, OnI, ToS, WoW, DSSW, DSRoG, and PvZGW2.

Harry Potter and the Adventure of the Hippogriff, 2017

This is an adventure where you can choose to save Buckbeak the Hippogriff...or not!

Milla is a creative Harry Potter superfan who is currently in Grade 4.

Max Caplan
Feedback, 2017
Wire, recycled material, processing

A tv stares blankly into the void of an inauspicious smart phone.

Max is a grade 11 Horton student, Hacker, Coder, and Artist (traditional and otherwise).

Nathaniel Fredericks
Moodr, 2017
React.js, Express.js, Windows Server

Moodr is a web application that uses a naive bayes classifier to determine if a message is positive or negative.

Nathaniel is a thirteen year old programmer that started out at the age of nine, he has been learning and programming in Node.js, Golang during this year.

Jawad Khan
Art of Digital Communication, 2017
Google Assitant, Auto Voice, Tasker, Node-Red, Raspberry Pi, Server PC

Control a lamp using voice. This work uses the input of voice via Google Assistant and sends appropriate commands to the server over internet. Raspberry Pi gets the status of most recent command from the server and controls the lamp appropriately. Some of the information related to the online communication is visualized via a dashboard of graphs.

Jawad is an Electrical Engineer and a software developer. Really passionate about interfacing hardware with software over internet. I believe that controlling any hardware over internet is the art of digital communication.

Mike Caplan
Faces, 2017
HTML5, Various Web Services

Faces explores the digital eye and its ability to interact and interpret your face.

Mike has been active as a web application developer and web designer for close to 20 years, working in the non-profit, university, retail, agricultural, and dental industries.


We are accepting submissions in the following categories:

  • Computer generated art
  • Digital games
  • Interactive story
  • Digital gadgets and gizmos
  • VR / AR environments
  • Animation
  • AI investigations
  • Miscellaneous computer experiments

f5://imagination serves as a platform for digital artistic experimentation. It promotes exploration in all forms of new media art, providing the public with an opportunity to experience your innovative work. f5://imagination is committed to making this extraordinary form, at the intersection of art and technology, available to everyone.

Hosted by Refresh Annapolis Valley. All are welcome!