UX Fist Fighting - Designing For Usability

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016 at 7:00PM Archived
Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre Rural Innovation Centre, 24 University Avenue, Wolfville, NS
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10 years of picking fights and getting kicked out of a meetings - Mike Downs shares his personal quest to define “usability.” Mike will dive deep in to describing why usability is important for your websites and web applications. He will offer up pointers on how to think about your own projects with a user focused mind.

Mike has over eighteen years of Internet marketing strategy and product management experience helping create, shape, and launch technology products on the Web. Mike is very passionate about how human beings use computers. Focusing on usability and user experience for the last 10 years, Mike has helped retail giants like Macy’s and The Gap as well as government organizations like Tourism British Columbia and Service Nova Scotia deliver experiences that engage their audience.

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