Side Door

Side Door

Platform matching artists with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere.

Side Door is a curated digital booking and ticketing platform used to facilitate booking and ticketing micro-performances in homes and other alternative venues in Canada and around the world. As a website and future mobile app, this technology-based company is innovating the traditional touring model for performers, live performances, and fan experiences.

Artists and Hosts sign up for free online through the Side Door website by creating profiles and answering questions about their preferences for performing or presenting a show in a house or alternative space (think bookstores, warehouses, parks, libraries, community centres, etc). The platform automatically matches Artists and Hosts based on their mutual profile preferences. Once matched, they are notified of the match, and prompted to discuss the details of booking a show together. Not only is Side Door a booking tool, but the online platform also has a booking contract and ticketing component that allows the Host to advertise and sell tickets. Fans will be able to visit the website or download the app to view shows in their area and shows they have been invited to, and they can buy tickets instantly online. Once the show is over the Host, Artist, and fans are all asked to provide feedback on the attended show.

Co-founders Laura Simpson and Dan Mangan formally incorporated Side Door in April 2017. Laura is a Halifax-based music industry professional, previously export development program officer at Music Nova Scotia and currently owner of The Syrup Factory Artist Strategy, Services and Events. Dan is a Vancouver-based two-time JUNO Award winning Canadian musician. He started his career doing private shows and understands their value from an Artist’s perspective. In 2015, Dan successfully launched a preliminary house concert touring network across Canada and facilitated several Artists’ tours.

The vision for Side Door is to promote a closer connection between people and live performance and their communities; its mission is to provide Artists with a meaningful revenue stream, give Hosts access to talent, and audiences a memorable entertainment experience.