Spark West Network

Spark West Network

We believe that rural Nova Scotia is a great place to be an entrepreneur. However, there is much need for improvement. There are gaps in our Western Nova rural ecosystem that we wish to tackle:

Unified Voice

There is no unifying voice that pulls together the diverse organizations, events, and opportunities present in the Annapolis Valley, and sister municipalities. As individuals interested in what this community offers to entrepreneurs and creative professionals, it can be challenging to keep on top of what is going on of interest. This greatly limits regional organizations’ ability to reach out to our community.

Access Ramp

Individuals within our region who are new to this space, or unaware, but would be interested in it, have no central “on-ramp” to its discovery.

Attracting Talent

The talent that we are looking to attract to Western Nova might look unfavorably on our region if they do not see it representing the cultural and business development opportunities that they could access elsewhere.