The Refresh Annapolis Valley Labs is a playground where adventurous builders come to create. Labs initiatives are community driven digital technology projects that tend to be entrepreneurial in nature. In the lab, Refreshers work on building and applying their skills all while pursuing the objectives of their projects.

Refresh Annapolis Valley Labs is hosted at the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre Rural Innovation Centre. We meet on Saturdays from 12:30 to 3:30 starting January 26. Bring your laptop. Pizza will be served.

Past Projects

Project Details Seeking Members


Hikingo is a map-based story game based in Nova Scotia that creates captivating tours for families and students. We provide tours of historic landmarks in your community for different age and skill levels. We call our tours “expeditions.” When you go on an expedition you can learn new facts about your community and take pictures to share with friends. After finishing an expedition you can rate your experience and pass on hints for future adventurers.
We are looking for people who have experience with web development/design and business. If you're interested in helping bring Hikingo to life email us at [email protected].

Big Picture

We are creating an app for youth to gain work experience through volunteering. There are many people who want to volunteer, but they can’t find the right opportunity nowadays. Our app will provide people with many volunteer resources which allows them to choose the type of volunteering jobs that are convenient and interesting for them. After volunteering, the volunteers can get ratings from their organizers based on their work, and vise versa, they can also rate the event/organization. Our app will keep track of people’s volunteering hours and experiences. This record can be automatically be updated to the volunteer’s LinkedIn account or their resume/CV for future use. If you are interested in this idea, come and join us!
  • You are able to come every Saturday 12:30pm to 3:30pm. The meetings will be held at the Acadia Patterson Building (24 University Ave, Wolfville).
  • If you are good at technology, that would be awesome.
  • If you're interested in this idea email us at [email protected].


Tamagoshido is a virtual platform that helps you to improve your pets' lives. Inspired by the Tamagotchi electronic toy for kids from the 1990s and 2000s, with Tamagoshido you would record care of your real life pet giving you feedback on how well you are taking care of it with your pet's avatar.
No vacancies

Spark West Network

Spark West Network is an umbrella marketing platform that draws together, assists, and coordinates the various organizations, events, and people that define our region’s unique entrepreneurial opportunities. Our vision is to create a unified voice for entrepreneurship in western Nova Scotia. We want to make our region a friendlier place for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, get advice, become noticed, and build up their businesses and skill sets.
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Retro Game Jam

Retro Game Jam is a space for Scratchers to exercise their development skills all while exploring the archives of video games past. We will explore classic games, examine their mechanics, and learn about the people who build them. Scratchers will work on developing their own retro inspired game for a DIY community arcade April 5.
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Nuggulopes are kid created creatures that make a difference. Purchase a cool kid designed buildable toy, and a dollar goes to support the SPCA.
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