Hoist Annapolis Valley

Hoist Annapolis Valley

Hoist Annapolis Valley is a tech club for teens interested in coding, design and entrepreneurship. If you’re age 12 to 19 and have an interest in startups or coding, then come check it out! Everyone is welcome, and it’s free!

Meet up with Hoist members once per month at Acadia University’s Rural Innovation Centre – like attending an tech + entrepreneurship class at university.

The Hoist Way

Lunch! Have some pizza with your new friends.

Learn! The first half-hour will be a lesson from a pro on the topic of the day – coding…design or business.

Hack! Build or design something, apply what you just learned…it’s a mini hackathon. Work in a group or on your own to create the next big product or service!

Discuss! Reflect and discuss the day…what did you find challenging or exciting? Chill out and talk to your new pals about what you created!

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Special Thanks

Big tip of the hat to the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre for hosting our meetup, and launchbox for helping out in numerous ways. And Hoist Halifax for paving the way.