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Topic: Marketing

March 20, 2018 at 7:00pm

Marketing is forever changing. What works one week does not necessarily work the next. Join Duncan Ebata , Evan Hill , and Ashley Greene for a marketing insiders discussion on how to stay on the curve. They will explore why and how empathizing and understanding customers can be game changing; how to “growth hack” your marketing to double your results at half the cost; and time saving and low cost tools for marketing.

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Ashley Greene, J.D., is the Founder & CEO of Instratify, a growth-focused customer research firm for software and e-commerce businesses. Ashley is known for using her legal training to help companies get inside their customers’ heads, so they can achieve and maintain sustainable hypergrowth. Ashley’s advised dozens of tech companies and has worked on projects with businesses from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups. Ashley writes and speaks on growth / customer insight, and has served as an advisor/trainer for leading startup organizations including Ryerson, Volta, and Communitech.

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I’ve worked primarily with food social enterprises and tech startups, so adaption and collaboration are in my bag. Whether it be branding for food social enterprises, promoting local investment funds, implementing community economic development strategies, hosting food community events, building entrepreneurial culture: building food communities and promoting social enterprises is what I do. I’ve been on the ground growing food and beverage start-ups reach their first $100k in sales, promoting local investment funds to reach their first $1 million, and growing multi-million dollar retail food businesses with 30%+ yearly growth rates.

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Evan works with small to medium businesses in solving marketing hurdles, content creation, product launches, and digital growth. After working as an analyst in the hedge fund industry, he co-found an apparel design & distribution company that focused on student travel. Then spent 3 years in Toronto and the US with a content marketing company that generated digital athletic training content for young athletes. He’s worked with clients & brands such as Recode, Cut, @Dunk, Hyperice, APL Athletics, Sports1Marketing, Susar Lee Restaurants, and Nova Scotia Fisherman Bodycare.

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Leanne Strathdee is the Manager of Innovation and Incubation for Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre . In this role, she manages the Rural Innovation Centre – an incubator for start-up companies at Acadia University , that are connected to the services and amenities that Acadia offers in research, data analytics, tidal energy or business - skills development. Additionally, she manages all the student entrepreneurship programming through the provincial sandbox, launchbox.

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Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia (BA, MA) is the President & CEO of Digital Nova Scotia . She’s a multilingual senior level executive with over 20 years of combined experience in the private, public & academic sectors. Her career spans five geographic regions: America (North), Africa (South), Middle East, Asia & Europe. Ulrike thrives on challenges! With a proven track record in International Marketing, Business & Economic Development, Channel Management, Government/Stakeholder Relations, Board Governance, Fundraising, Organizational Growth & Public Speaking, she’s a true game-changer.

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